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Drone Landing

One of the biggest issues facing drone delivery today is the last meter problem, namely that many challenging corner cases make it complex and difficult to reason about what is a safe landing site for a drone to deliver a package.  This research will apply machine learning to train robust and intelligent algorithms to recognize using sensor data in what situations it is safe to deliver a package. Robust validation of a solution will be performed through real-world flight tests with drones.  Finding a solution to this problem will surmount a difficult technical challenge that even the top technical companies have yet to fully solve and spur Australia towards pioneering large-scale delivery of items using drones.  This project is a partnership between ARC, Macquarie University, and Skyynet, Inc., an Australia-based drone company.



Prof. Richard Han, Prof. Annabelle Mclver, Dr James Zheng, Prof Subhas Mukhopadhyay, Dr. Endrowedness Kuantama, Yao Deng, Avishkar Seth, Alice James, Linfeng Liang, Jiaohong Yao, Yihao Zhang

Our Partners

ARC and Skyy Network

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