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QR Detection for Vertical Drone Delivery

The drone delivers parcels directly to a multi-story apartment building with an open balcony. The paper focuses on developing a vertical trajectory for the drone with a barcode-type scanning algorithm. The described technique provides an effective sensing mechanism for drone deliveries.

In recent times, drones have seen a lot of attention in various applications ranging from surveillance to drone delivery. The advent of the internet and fast-processing computers have enabled drones to fly autonomously for multiple applications. This study proposes a method to address the urban last-mile problem. The paper suggests an autonomous vertical trajectory scanning method that could be used to analyze the appropriate level and unit in an apartment building. The drone uses an onboard computer with the Pixhawk flight controller to recognize and analyze the QR codes for the drone's path planning. The suggested method aims to provide an efficient and quick delivery solution to the rising logistics and delivery delays issue. The drone is tested indoors and compared.


Prof. Subhas Mukhopadhyay, Prof. Richard Han, Dr. Endrowednes Kuantama, Alice James, Avishkar Seth



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