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Vertical Grid Screening

Delivery drones typically perform delivery by suspending the parcel vertically or landing the drone to drop off the package. However, because of the constrained landing area and the requirement for precise navigation, delivering items to customers who reside in multi-story apartment complexes poses a unique challenge. This research proposes a novel drone delivery system for multi-story apartment buildings with balconies that employ two methods for Vertical Grid Screening (VGS), i.e., Grid Screening (GS) and Square Screening (SS), to detect unique markers to identify the precise balcony that needs to receive the product. The research paper also explores the scanning and trajectory methods required for autonomous flight to approach the marker location accurately. The proposed machine learning system is trained on a YOLOv5 model for image recognition of the marker, and four different models and batch sizes are compared. 



Prof. Subhas Mukhopadhyay, Prof. Richard Han, Dr. Endrowednes Kuantama, Alice James, Avishkar Seth

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